Food Writing Workshop


Food blogs are popping out like mushrooms after a rainy spell. Anyone can write a food blog, as food intrigues everybody, but to write one that succeeds in attracting lifelong fans, a little effort would not go amiss. If you’ve never heard of a food blog writing workshop, go and experience it for yourself.

Gotham Food Writing Level 1

  • One Day Intensive – $150
  • One Day Intensive One-on-One – $250
  • 10 Week Workshop – $399
  • 10 Week Workshop One-on-One – $1745

“If you savor eating and drinking, food writing will suit your taste. You can write a review of a new restaurant in town, an article about the secrets of saffron, a story about helping grandma in the kitchen, or a collection of recipes for catfish. And you can experience the deliciousness of food writing without gaining a single pound.

Food writing requires a passion for food and the ability to summon its wonders in words. Here you will learn about the full spectrum of food writing—reviews, memoir, essay, articles, blogs, books—as well as writing craft and how to market your work.

Whether you seek to write about producing, preparing, or partaking of food, we’ll show you how to spice your writing just right.”