pen for hire head shotWelcome. I’m Leslie Miller, a freelance writer, editor, and fiction coach in Denver, Colorado.

Good writing is all about communication. Let me help you communicate with your target market more clearly, more powerfully, more effectively. Let your ideas be heard and understood!


My areas of expertise in writing include:

✦ blogging for business (so you don’t have to do it!)
✦ SEO web content optimized for search
✦ press releases that get attention
✦ email/drip campaigns that convert
✦ ghost writing articles, memoirs
✦ product descriptions that sell

Leslie has been my agency’s ‘go to’ writer for years. She brings a personality to her writing that can morph and adapt to each company. She nails it every time.” ~ Heather Lutze, Findability Consulting & Speaking http://www.findability.com/


Work with me to learn:

✦ mastery of POV
✦ character development and character arcs
✦ plot development and structure
✦ secrets to tight & tense action scenes
✦ dialogue that sucks readers in
✦ syntax for clarity
✦ showing, not telling (and when to do each one)
✦ how to make your book “unputdownable”

Like having a book magician and my own private writing tutor all rolled into one.” ~ Melica Ladd